Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Taulat, Poblenou

Taulat was a wetland area - marked by such street names as C del Joncar [reed bed] and C de la Llacuna [lagoon] - part of the old village Sant Martí de Provençals lying closest to the sea. Here untreated fabric was set out to bleach by exposure to the elements before being sent to the local textile mills and subsequently dyed or printed.
Turning on to Passeig del Taulat from Carrer de Bilbao and then on to Carrer Vidal i Valenciano I lighted upon housing impervious to the 22@ redevelopment that is happening around it.

Rounding another corner I discovered the arbour of Plaça de Prim (1851), an enclosure of ombú trees (Phytolacca dioica), drinking-fountain, and benches alternating with purple-leaved ? trees marking a perimeter subordinate to that formed by the shuttered facades.

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