Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Horses on Port Meadow

10 December.

Fiddler's Island

10 December. A couple of days after returning from Prague, along the Thames path walk between Osney and Binsey, submerged in places by annual flood waters.

Cumnor Hill (4)

27 September. Approaching heavy rain shower. This was the last walk around Oxford that I took before setting off for Prague for the autumn, photographs from which I started posting last December.

Towards and away from the sun

26 September. From the same place, turning 180 degrees.

Burgess Field (4)

26 September.

Burgess Field (3)

26 September.

Moon and seagulls

24 September, between North and South Hinksey.

Plane, cloud, moon, gulls

24 September.

Between North and South Hinksey

24 September.

Between Osney and Grandpont

24 September.

Dead oak

19 September, near Powder Hill Copse.

Port Meadow (3)

13 September.

Cumnor Hill (3)

12 September.