Sunday, 7 June 2009

Binsey Green, Wytham Wood

21 March, morning. Poplars on Binsey Green by the Thames - the characteristic shapes of these trees lined along the river are to be seen from Port Meadow silhouetted against the evening sky.

After a hiatus I pick up the trail of images once more. I return from Barcelona, where the swifts, common and alpine, screamed overhead, while below the motorcycles roared and horns tooted: the noise changing incrementally in nature over longer passages of time, and when attended to on a smaller scale full of the chance configurations of incidental events.
On leaving Oxford the swallows had arrived, but not the swifts, my sense of displacement thus heightened by their already established presence in the skies when I arrived in Barcelona. Returning to Oxford, the trees now in full leaf, creepers and grasses wild, the riot of greens drench the eyes after the drier palette of Barcelona.

Images here from over two months ago, taking up the last trail, catching up to the present perhaps at some point.

(Oaks at Wytham Wood.)

(Further Clay Hill by Wytham Wood.)

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