Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Seminářská zahrada (1)

15 November.

I returned to the Seminary Gardens in Malá Strana [Lesser Quarter] upon reading this passage

On my third day in Prague, so Austerlitz continued his story, when he recovered some degree of composure, I went up to the Seminar Garden early in the morning. The cherry and pear trees of Vera's story had now been grubbed up and replaced by young saplings, with thin branches which would not bear fruit for some time yet to come. The path wound uphill, describing wide curves through the grass, which was wet with dew.

W.G.Sebald, Austerlitz, tr. Anthea Bell, p.229

in the French translation quoted in a
post on Norwich (by some oversight I had not brought a copy of Sebald's book with me to Prague), which prompted me to take a number of photographs around the slopes of
Petřín hill. On one of the few sunny days illuminating the colours of autumn during my stay in Prague, I took a tram to Újezd and amidst the cawing of crows began my ascent of the hill, straying off the serpentine paths to wander amongst the orchard trees, whose straight lines map out out the irregularities of the terrain.

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