Sunday, 5 July 2009

Parc del Carmel

2 May.
Thus I reach photographs from Barcelona from where I returned a month ago having spent a month posting photographs from Oxford and surrounds during the month before the time I arrived to the screams of swifts, as described earlier.
Parc del Carmel - adjacent to Parc Güell - was in full sneeze-inducing bloom. At a bend in a track ascending the hill rests an array of inscribed sandstone blocks, The Present Order, carved by Peter Coates for the Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay, on which the words L'ORDRE D'AVUI ÉS EL DESORDRE DE DEMÀ [Today's order is tomorrow's disorder], attributed to Saint-Just, invite one to rearrange the stones as a demonstration but their weight is such that you end up just sitting on them.

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